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Best Customer Service

The Best Customer Service I Have Ever Had and Why it Matters

Earlier this week I got off the phone after three hours of dealing with my internet provider. It seems like every three months that I end up having a conversation with them about either my bill or my internet speed being less than what I am paying for. Each and every time it is a massive time waste and in the end I am both angry and exhausted.

Best Customer ServiceIf your experience with the phone, cable, and internet companies is anything like mine then you completely understand how horrible their
customer service really is. I have used the same internet provider for 8 years and still find myself having rates double every year which leads me back to long conversations with people I cannot understand and in the end do not have the power to offer me what I am asking for.

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Having the complete opposite experience

After getting off the phone I went back to working with my website and quickly found that it had disappeared from the internet altogether. I freaked out hoping that my backups were current and quickly went to Bluehost for help. Within 15 minutes I was connected to a technician.

  • Within 5 minutes the technician identified the problem
  • The technician asked me to stay on hold while he contacted an expert in the issue
  • He kept me up to date while talking with the other technician
  • After about 25 minutes my website was up and running perfectly

Bluehost is not the first hosting service that I have used but so far they haveCU the best customer service.

Bluehost has taken the time to not only help but teach me

The technician did not only solve my problem and get me up and running again. He also took the time to teach me how to avoid the issue in the future. This website has taught me a lot and I’m sure will continue to. Initial setup was a breeze. I even have a page dedicated to Starting your own website. If you are like me though you are going to find yourself wanting to customize different aspects of your site.

There have been times where I practically wrecked my site before it even got off the ground. While blindly stumbling forward I added CSS code that pretty much crippled my site. Early on I contacted Bluehost for what I thought was a hosting issue, but ended up being a coding error. The technician never dismissed me and actually told me where to go for help and sent me some helpful links.


Best Customer Service


Why having the best customer service makes all the difference

It is all about the best customer service. With all of the competition out there customer service is what really makes the difference. I use products from all sorts of companies. You will never see me recommend those in which I have had a bad experience with though.

Apple was the first company that I remember having a great experience with. Right before some deadlines in college my laptop decided that it no longer wanted to function. Luckily I had the 3 year AppleCare plan and everything was covered. Since we did not have an apple store close to where I went to college I drove 2 hours to the nearest one. When I got there they instantly found the problem and the hard drive needed to be replaced. Unfortunately they did not have the same hard drive in stock and told me that it would take a week to get it. However when I told them I desperately needed it to finish a project they hooked me up with an upgraded hard drive.In my mind, Apple has the best customer service for their electronics. Until that changes I will continue to support them.

Just like Apple my experience with Bluehost has been nothing but positive. If I can count on them to help me out in a pinch then I will definitely be a long time customer.

How has great customer service impacted your life?

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