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How to Stay on Budget when Remodeling a Home

Remodeling your home is one of the best ways to not only make it your own but to increase its value. In the last year our home has appreciated substantially in value due our continued effort at modernizing and updating every aspect of the home. In all of our projects that we have taken on we have only gone over our budget once. Here is how we stay on budget. Plan ahead Over half of the time that we spend on a remodel project is not time swinging a hammer. It is time spent meticulously planning…

Compound Interest

The Amazing Power of Compound Interest

How compound interest works For the same reasons that credit card debt is so terrible, for the early investor compounding interest in fantastic. Compound interest is one of those nasty jokes. When you finally understand it, you get mad at yourself for not acting on it earlier. It is never to late to get started though. The simple math Lets assume that you are 25 years old. You decide for your New Years resolution that you are going to start investing $100-per-month ($1,200 annually) at a 3% annual interest rate. At age 65 your small investment will…

Why You Should Take Advantage of a 401k and Start Saving Now

Why You Should Take Advantage of a 401k and Start Saving Now

For some reason there is a never ending back and forth between people who believe that it is a must to invest in a 401k and those that it is a waste of time and you should take your money elsewhere. Benefits of a 401k I believe that a 401k is critical for everyone who has access to one and especially to those whose employers offer a match to what you put into it. My first employer offered to match 3 percent of my salary as long as I contributed 3%. I look at this as…