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Cut the Cord

Cut the Cord on Cable: How I just saved $1,200 this year

I did it. I finally called it quits on my cable service and cut the cord. And it just hit me how much money I will be saving over the course of this next year by this move alone. Why did I wait so long? The only real reason that I have had cable for the past 3 years is the insanely low bundle rate that I was given when I first signed up. When we first moved into our home I did my research and found the best rates in the area. After calling a…

No Alcohol

The Experiment: 4 Months With No Alcohol

Over the Christmas Holidays this past year I made the decision/bet with myself to abstain from all alcohol until my sisters graduation 4 months later. At the time of the decision I was probably a bottle of red wine in and looking for another. Nonetheless starting on New Years I began my endeavor of no alcohol. What was it like not drinking? First month w/ no alcohol The first half of the month actually flew by. After binge drinking my way through the holidays it was actually a nice cleanse. Skipping past the first few weeks though…

Home Buying

5 Important Steps on the Road to Home Buying

I like to look at the process of home buying as semi-organized chaos. It takes so many people and so many moving pieces in order to make a deal this is the only way I can describe it. Here are the steps we took when starting our journey. 1. Do a complete finance check up The first step to beginning the home buying process is to make sure all of your finances are in order. Make sure you check your credit score and correct any discrepancies that come up. Set aside the money, or set a…

Accountant vs TurboTax

Accountant vs TurboTax: Advantages and Disadvantages

Ever since I had my first job and had to file taxes, I have taken the easy out and used the same accountant as my parents.  As I transitioned from high school to college to the workforce, the fees have grown to a point where I finally decided it was worth exploring doing them myself.  This also nicely lined up with a year that was simple enough I was confident I could not mess them up. One job, one state, one house, ect. Accountant vs TurboTax: Cost Comparison As cost is what finally pushed me to…

Saving Money

The Best Method I Found for Saving Money

For those living paycheck to paycheck it is very hard to even think about actively putting money towards savings every month. I have been there. I have read so many articles saying that that I need to save 50 percent of my income and all sorts of other methods that just weren’t for me. This is the best way I have found to start saving money. Check out this related article: Cut the Cord on Cable: How I’m saving $1,200 Hiding Money Finally I convinced myself that if I was truly going to start saving money I needed…

Credit Cards

The Good and Bad of Credit Cards

Credit cards are a lot like a double edged sword. While an extremely powerful tool when used correctly and for the right reasons, if they are mismanaged they can send you info financial ruin. I am a big supporter of credit cards and I have quite a few of my own. They are the primary reason that upon graduating college my credit score was in a place that allowed me to qualify for the lowest mortgage rates. All to often though I hear of people carrying large balances month after month and that is why I believe…

Renting vs Buying

Renting vs Buying: When to Rent and When to Buy

I still remember clearly sitting in my high school chemistry class when my professor mentioned that if we take anything away from the class it’s that if he could go back he would have invested in real estate much earlier in life. Yes, that was in chemistry class. While I don’t remember much chemistry I still remember that conversation. Among a few things that people cannot live without in life, housing is one of them. There seems to be a constant argument regarding about renting vs buying. In my experience there is a time and place for…