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Drive my car until it dies

Why I am going to drive my car until it dies!

My car is currently 16 years old which is crazy to many of my friends. They can’t make it 5 years before purchasing a new vehicle. Vehicles are both a blessing and a curse. For most people they are necessary evil and the only way to commute to work. To me it is just a form of transportation that takes me the 1 mile to and from work everyday.
Here are the 4 main reasons I am going to drive my car until it dies.

Drive my car until it diesThe Desire to Not Have a Car Payment

This is the big one. I have no student loans. No credit card debt. The only person I owe money to is the mortgage company. I have no desire to take on a loan for something that just depreciates in value over time. Preferably the next vehicle I purchase will be able to be purchased in cash or at a fantastic interest rate.

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Cars are Just Expensive

Has anyone looked at prices of new cars lately? They are crazy expensive and bring with them huge monthly payments. One of my coworkers just purchased a new car the other day and his small sedan set him back 32k. He said he got a fantastic deal of 1.98% interest over the next 10 years. While 1.98% is great the 10 years is another big number. Who wants to be stuck with a car payment every month for a decade?

I Cannot Decide What I Want

There are too makes and models to choose from. My biggest issue is deciding if I want my next vehicle to be a car or an SUV. I currently have a small SUV which puts me somewhere in between. There are so many advantages above and below me in size.

Key Advantages of Cars

  • Fuel Efficiency (Many cars reach over 35mpg)
  • Nimble, Easy to park
  • Generally Cheaper to Purchase and Maintain

Key Advantages of SUV’s

  • Space, Space, and more Space
  • Great for going off the paved road
  • Extra safety factor
  • We have two Great Danes (Basically like have 2 more adults in the house)

Value vs. Cost of Repair

Most people I talk to think I am crazy. My Chevy Blazer is valued on Kelley’s Blue Book at around $2,800. That is not very much. It is also 16 years old which could be viewed as another downside. Knowing these two things makes everyone think that I should no longer put money into the car for repairs. (Just recently I spent $400 replacing an electronic component)

However the flip side is that my car only has 112,000 miles on it. It sat unused in a garage for 5 years. The cars interior and exterior both look brand new. Over time I have kept up with regular maintenance doing much of the work myself. When I look up other Blazers from 2001 many of them reached well over 250,000 miles. I have even found cases where people have exceeded 400,000.

Knowing all this it makes it easy for me to justify a few hundred dollars hear and there for maintenance and repairs. Even if I had a brand new car I would have to fork out the money for maintenance. But with that would come a large monthly payment of which one month would probably exceed what I put into mine every year.

What do you think? Am I crazy for not trading out for a new or new used car?

Heres to many more miles!



  • Steveark

    August 3, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    32k? The average price my friends spend on new cars is closer to 85k! One of my old college buddies can rarely hold a job for more than a couple of years, and has been divorced twice, he lives check to check. He just posted yesterday on Facebook pictures of his third wife with the surprise birthday present he got her, a 2018 Mercedes SUV!. I’m early retired and FI and my cars range from 6 to 10 years old, most bought used, all with cash. I could easily afford a Tesla or a Ferrari but I’m not insane and don’t see any car as having that kind of value to me. You are smart and will be joining me as a financially free, side gigs for fun person before you know it. Also still with my starter wife 39 years and counting.

  • Counting Quarters

    August 19, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Congrats on retiring early and being independent! I just switched jobs and my commute just went from 2 minutes to 1 minute. Now if I do not walk to work I better have a good excuse. Chances are is my car is now going to sit in the drive and rust out before anything else fails on it.

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