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Grocery Bills

Why Our Grocery Bills Have Skyrocketed So Far This Month

This past week our grocery bill hit an all time high of 165.11 for a single trip to the grocery store. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty disappointing to see. Our average grocery bills never really hit the $100 mark so this bill was basically double our normal bill. To top it off it all comes down to one thing. My fianc√© starting a diet that is a lot like Whole30 with her friends.

Her being on a diet means I am now on a diet

As everyone in a relationship knows that when one person is determined to go on a diet (or stop drinking alcohol) the other is automatically enrolled in some form of the experiment. In our house I am

the one who does most of the cooking since I get home from work first. (The picture for this post is one of my creations) Therefore I get the challenge of either cooking two meals, one for her and one for me, or just cooking one for both of us. Since I don’t have enough time in the day I just end up cooking one meal that meets her diet restrictions.

Grocery Bills

It all balances out

A week into her diet she found out that it is basically impossible to eat out. She had a business lunch and called me after telling me how the restaurant brought them a massive bowl of queso and set it right in front of her. It made me laugh inside listening to all of it. I was then informed that if I ordered pizza without her being able to partake then that may be grounds for a breakup. She loves her pizza.

What we are eating

  • Lots and lots of vegetables
  • More vegetables
  • Chicken and Fish
  • Black bean burgers
  • Brown rice
  • You guessed it, more vegetables


The benefits of all of this

Caprese Salad, Salmon, Asparagus

Probably the best part about all of this is the food is actually very healthy. Since I have been slowly losing weight over the last year trying to get back in shape this is another nice booster to get me closer to my goals. I can already tell just like when I stopped drinking alcohol for four months that I am more awake in the mornings and generally have more energy.

We have found that restaurants that have food that meet the restrictions are few and far between. This is really forcing us to be more creative with our cooking. Not that we weren’t already, this is just causing us to redevelop recipes we find.

No restaurants also means not really going out to dinners which ends up saving a decent amount of money. We have already drastically cut back on eating out so far this year but this takes it to a whole new level.  With that being said our grocery bills going up look like they may equal out. At the beginning of the month I will be able to do a month to month comparison showing the difference between diet month and a typical month.

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