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How to Quickly Start a Website

Starting a website is one of the best ways to create a potential source of income. With everything on the internet you can manage it from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection).

What are your goals?

Before starting the process of creating a website make sure you take the time to create an outline of your goals for the site and what topics you want to cover.

How to Quickly Start a Website

Starting a site is easy and after you make it through the initial push it is extremely empowering.

1. Find your Domain Name

This will not only be your URL, but it will become the brand and platform you are promoting. Think of what you may want your brand to be and then search for that name with the domain finder.

Make it short and sweet, and look for keywords that represent what you want to achieve. When starting this site many of the names that first came to mind were already taken or cost a premium to purchase.

Keep your domain name short so that it is readily remembered when someone is searching it. Domains with less than 20 letters is a good general rule to follow. The simpler it is to get to your site the more traffic you will potentialy receive. And the best part is that more traffic means more money making opportunities.

2. Set-Up Website Hosting

Once you find a domain you like, buy your domain and set-up your hosting, install WordPress (one of the most used content managers for bloggers and websites). This will all take almost no time at all.


3. Install WordPress

Bluehost makes it possible to install WordPress in a single click. Honestly this is the easiest part.

4. Find a Design

There are thousands of free themes out there but I recommend  spending a little extra money to get a Premium theme that will fit your needs. After you have built your site and tailored it to what you want it is very difficult to start over with a new theme. I personally used Themeforest to find my theme for this site and others. The creators of these themes have also been extremely helpful and responsive when any questions come up.

5. Upload and Customize Your New Theme

Once you upload your theme you can now transform it into whatever you would like and the opportunities are endless.