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Side Hustle

The Side Hustle that I Never Realized I Had

Side HustleMost people try to build a side business and like you that is also what I am striving for. Whats funny though is that I just realized that for the past few years I have already been running a quiet side hustle.

How it all started

I have always loved building things and it all goes back to my obsession with legos. Almost every day of the week as a child I would build massive structures and vast cities. Now as i’ve gotten older the legos have been replaced with lumber and steel.

At first everything that I built was just for myself. Instead of buying a desk I used my colleges workshop to build one. I taught myself how to weld and work with wood. In my mind it was always because everything that I liked was always to expensive and out of reach for a college student to purchase.

The desk I loved on the internet was over $2,000. I redesigned and built it for less than $200. When I couldn’t afford the industrial style bookshelves my fiancé and I dreamed of having in our living room I sourced 100+ year old hickory barn wood and welded the steel supports. For $300 we had the bookshelves that we loved.

Check out this great site for woodworking projects (it has taught me so much) – Ana White Woodworking

Now that my skill have improved

As you now know building things has always been a side hobby of mine. With each project comes a new set of challenges and that is what I really enjoy. I have to learn about new joints, new methods, and new tools. It is really not all that different from blogging.

Each piece though teaches me a new skill or improves on a previous one and now that I have built so many pieces and been remodeling my own home there are not many projects that are out of reach.

The Side Hustle

The real side hustle finally started after we finished remodeling the first few rooms of our home. Our friends loved how it turned out and word spread from there. Some of my coworkers discovered that I could weld and I started receiving requests for small projects here and there. I never really considered them to be a side hustle as most of the time I was just compensated with beer and liquor.

This started to change a bit lately though. I got a request from a coworker to do a project for one of his friends. Not thinking anything of it I just asked for money for the materials and built the pieces. It wasn’t much and I enjoyed having a project to work on that required welding. When I delivered the project though he handed me a small stack of cash. It hit me right then and there that my hobby had evolved into a small side business.

Since then I have been asked to build custom furniture pieces and even design home additions. I do not charge much because I love the challenge of each and every project.

What hobbies have you turned into businesses?


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