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First Home

First Home: Buying a home after renting it for a year

As we got to the end of our one year lease agreement my fiancé and I began our search for a new place to live. The owner of the home had given us notice that she was intending on moving back into the home so therefore we could not renew our lease. We quickly discovered that finding a new place to rent was going to be difficult. You see, my fiancé and I have a few pets, most notably a great dane mix who weighs in at a featherlight 110lbs. Most apartments in our area have…


Budgeting: How I Account for Constant Changes

So you have finally created that perfect budget and that accounts for everything? If you have please let me know. Since really sitting down and creating a monthly budget in January I do not believe I have had a single month where everything falls in place perfectly. From vet visits to speeding tickets a budget must be able to slip and roll with the punches. Our Budget in January Mortgage Payment (Includes Insurance, Taxes, and PMI) – $1,300 Utilities – $250 Groceries – $250 Restaurants/ Entertainment – $200 Joint Savings (My fiancé and I each contribute $400…