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Drive my car until it dies

Why I am going to drive my car until it dies!

My car is currently 16 years old which is crazy to many of my friends. They can’t make it 5 years before purchasing a new vehicle. Vehicles are both a blessing and a curse. For most people they are necessary evil and the only way to commute to work. To me it is just a form of transportation that takes me the 1 mile to and from work everyday. Here are the 4 main reasons I am going to drive my car until it dies. The Desire to Not Have a Car Payment This is the big…

First Home

First Home: Buying a home after renting it for a year

As we got to the end of our one year lease agreement my fiancé and I began our search for a new place to live. The owner of the home had given us notice that she was intending on moving back into the home so therefore we could not renew our lease. We quickly discovered that finding a new place to rent was going to be difficult. You see, my fiancé and I have a few pets, most notably a great dane mix who weighs in at a featherlight 110lbs. Most apartments in our area have…


How to Stay on Budget when Remodeling a Home

Remodeling your home is one of the best ways to not only make it your own but to increase its value. In the last year our home has appreciated substantially in value due our continued effort at modernizing and updating every aspect of the home. In all of our projects that we have taken on we have only gone over our budget once. Here is how we stay on budget. Plan ahead Over half of the time that we spend on a remodel project is not time swinging a hammer. It is time spent meticulously planning…


Budgeting: How I Account for Constant Changes

So you have finally created that perfect budget and that accounts for everything? If you have please let me know. Since really sitting down and creating a monthly budget in January I do not believe I have had a single month where everything falls in place perfectly. From vet visits to speeding tickets a budget must be able to slip and roll with the punches. Our Budget in January Mortgage Payment (Includes Insurance, Taxes, and PMI) – $1,300 Utilities – $250 Groceries – $250 Restaurants/ Entertainment – $200 Joint Savings (My fiancé and I each contribute $400…

Compound Interest

The Amazing Power of Compound Interest

How compound interest works For the same reasons that credit card debt is so terrible, for the early investor compounding interest in fantastic. Compound interest is one of those nasty jokes. When you finally understand it, you get mad at yourself for not acting on it earlier. It is never to late to get started though. The simple math Lets assume that you are 25 years old. You decide for your New Years resolution that you are going to start investing $100-per-month ($1,200 annually) at a 3% annual interest rate. At age 65 your small investment will…

Home Buying

5 Important Steps on the Road to Home Buying

I like to look at the process of home buying as semi-organized chaos. It takes so many people and so many moving pieces in order to make a deal this is the only way I can describe it. Here are the steps we took when starting our journey. 1. Do a complete finance check up The first step to beginning the home buying process is to make sure all of your finances are in order. Make sure you check your credit score and correct any discrepancies that come up. Set aside the money, or set a…

Saving Money

The Best Method I Found for Saving Money

For those living paycheck to paycheck it is very hard to even think about actively putting money towards savings every month. I have been there. I have read so many articles saying that that I need to save 50 percent of my income and all sorts of other methods that just weren’t for me. This is the best way I have found to start saving money. Check out this related article: Cut the Cord on Cable: How I’m saving $1,200 Hiding Money Finally I convinced myself that if I was truly going to start saving money I needed…

Monthly Expenses

5 Ways to Save on Your Monthly Expenses

Every once in a while it is a good idea to take a good solid look at your monthly expenses. Here are the categories I like to look at when seeing if there is a way to cut down my bills. 5 Ways to Save on Your Monthly Expenses 1. Cancel Your Cable or Satelite Provider In this modern age there are very few reasons to be stuck with large cable bills. Gone are the days of needing to spend hundreds of dollars a month in order to see the newest shows. Companies like Netflix and…

Credit Cards

The Good and Bad of Credit Cards

Credit cards are a lot like a double edged sword. While an extremely powerful tool when used correctly and for the right reasons, if they are mismanaged they can send you info financial ruin. I am a big supporter of credit cards and I have quite a few of my own. They are the primary reason that upon graduating college my credit score was in a place that allowed me to qualify for the lowest mortgage rates. All to often though I hear of people carrying large balances month after month and that is why I believe…